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Best Pitch-In Food Ideas



Summer Time Fun



Best Pitch-In Food Ideas

It's that time of year again, summer is here. It's time to start planning the perfect barbeque. The summer sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and from a distance you can smell the familiar scent of charcoal burning. 



If you like to entertain, it might not be a bad idea to plan a pitch-in barbeque to help relieve some of the pressure felt when preparing food for a large group of people entirely by yourself. Great food, wonderful atmosphere and friends make the perfect combination for a great barbeque. 


Seven of the best pitch-in food ideas are listed below:


1. Potato Salad- Home made is always the best. There are so many different kinds of potato salad, you can actually have several types at the barbeque and this will appeal to everyone's pallet.


2. Coleslaw- Who doesn't love a good coleslaw? Seems like every get together or family reunion, people are fighting over the bowl of coleslaw. 

3. Spicy baked beans and regular baked beans- Some like it hot...some don't. When I think of barbeque, I think of baked beans. This is a must have for a pitch-in barbeque. Add some spicy jalapeños and some hot sausage and you are set.


4. Baked Macaroni and Cheese- This is another must have item at a summer barbeque. Home made baked macaroni and cheese goes great with burgers, and barbeque chicken or ribs. 


5. Pasta Salad-Savory colorful with a variety of fresh vegetables.  Made with some olive oil, rice wine vinegar and crumbled feta cheese.


6. Dessert- From fresh seasonal fruit- like watermelon and strawberries to baked pies and puddings. Dessert is always a hit. Summertime Barbecues just wouldn't be the same without it. Everyone can enjoy a fresh slice of watermelon or strawberries from the local farmer's market. 


7. Deviled Eggs- For some reason, deviled eggs disappear the quickest. These are really inexpensive to make and as long as you have a cooled tray, the eggs won't go bad if set in a cool place. They will stay good through the meal. Deviled eggs can be made sweet or sour. I usually do a combination of both. Seems to keep everyone happy. 


Planning is the key. Make sure you have a game plan. These tips will ensure a successful barbeque. 


*If you want to take another twist on the barbeque idea, plan a theme a Luau. Add some tiki lights and buy little party favors for your guests, like little umbrellas in the drinks. Suggest that everyone wear a tropical shirt or shorts. For the ladies, swimwear or grass skirts can be fun. Your event will not soon be forgotten.

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