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Diamondhard Acrylic Spray Enamel 11 oz - Royal Blue


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DESCRIPTION: This is truly one of the finest quality general purpose coatings available today. Diamondhard Acrylic Enamel features superior adhesion to almost any interior or exterior surface with a resilient durable finish that lasts for years. This is a water base formula that offers added convenience and safety in a product that will out perform conventional oil base paints in most situations. SURFACE PREP: General: Surfaces to be painted must be clean, free of dirt, chalk, grease, loose paint and all other residue or contaminants. Scrape, wire brush and sand to remove loose or unsound paint layers. Clean the surface by washing with a low sudsing detergent and water. Remove mildew by washing with a solution of household bleach and water (1:3). Rinse thoroughly. Allow surfaces treated with bleach solution to dry at least 48 hours before painting. Stains from ink, smoke, water and grease should be sealed with a good stain killing primer. Wood: This product can be applied directly to wood. But for best appearance, use an oil base enamel under coater or acrylic primer before applying the finish coat(s). Metal: Clean new metals with a solvent such as mineral spirits to remove grease and oily residue. Allow solvent cleaned surfaces to dry completely. Remove all rust by wire brushing, sanding or chemical treatment. On ferrous metals subject to corrosive conditions or where rust has been a recurring problem, use a rust inhibiting primer. No primer is required for aluminum. Masonry, Brick & Concrete, Drywall and Other Surfaces: This coating will adhere to a wide variety of other surfaces. If you are painting a difficult or unusual surface, first paint a small area, allow to cure for 5 days, and test for adhesion by apply masking tape to the surface then removing the tape in a quick upward motion. If the finish does not lift, you have a suitable surface for painting. See label for additional details. APPLICATION: Do not apply at temperatures below 50F. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or during unusually hot or windy conditions. Do not paint exterior surfaces at night or during damp or rainy weather. Apply this product with a good quality polyester brush or premium short nap (3/16 -1/4 ) roller. Apply a full even coat, brushing out to avoid runs and sags. This product provides superior leveling which will eliminate brush marks as it dries. Avoid over brushing after the paint has begun to dry or tack. If you must stop painting before finishing your project, stop at a corner, edge or other breakpoint, rather than the middle of a surface. If applying with airless spray equipment, apply at package consistency, unthinned. A .013-.015 tip at 1,200-1,800 PSI is recommended. For conventional spray, thin sparingly with clean water up to one pint per gallon. If applying more than one can of product, intermix or box the paint together to ensure maximum color uniformity. Available Colors - 8-1500 Gloss White, 1501 Gloss Black, 1502 Dark Gloss Brown, 1503 Sandy Beige, 1505 Royal/Safety Blue, 1506 Safety Red, 1508 Lt/Safety Yellow, 1509 Battleship Gray, 1510 Navy Gray, 1517 Machine Green, 1519 Off White, 1548 Charleston Green, 1581 White TB #1, 1582 Midtone TB #2, 1583 Deep TB #3, 1584 Neutral TB #4 Available Sizes - gallon, quart, 1/2 pt Finish - Gloss (75-80 units @ 60) Coverage - Approx 450 sq ft/gal Out performs oil base paint Rust Inhibiting Low odor, non-flammable Tough durable acrylic finish Levels to a beautiful smooth finish Superior gloss and color retention VOC - 150 gm/l ,(1.25 lbs/gal) Solvent - Water Wet Film Thickness - 3.9 mils Dry Film Thickness - 1.4 mils Touch Dry Time - 1 hour Recoat Dry Time - 8 hours Viscosity - 88 - 94 KU Flashpoint - > 200 F Vehicle - Acrylic Emulsion Net Weight - 10.2 lbs/gal
Vendor: Yenkin Majestic Paint / Majic
UPC: 052752150588

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Yenkin Majestic Paint / Majic
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